Sakhr is the global leader in Arabic language technology. Sakhr solutions rank #1 in accuracy and performance, powered by the world's leading research in Arabic natural language processing (NLP).

Machine Translation

Sakhr provides the world’s most accurate machine translation for bi-directional Arabic-English, powered by 28+ years research in Arabic natural language processing (NLP).

Sakhr OCR

Sakhr Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts scans of Arabic printed documents into digital text. Sakhr is rated #1 in recognizing clean copy Arabic text, with an output accuracy of 99%.

Education Platform

Sakhr Education Portal (ePortal) is an integrated education platform powered by an exceptional Student Management System (SMS) supporting Arabic and English. This solution is used by over 1,000 K-12 public schools in MENA.

Professional Services

Sakhr provides clients access to business and technical expertise for advanced research services, research-based custom solutions, and professional document translation.

Knowledge Mngmt

Sakhr’s Knowledge Management solution suite offers document management, correspondence management, records management and complex workflows for documents in Arabic, English and French.

Speech Technologies

An industry first, Sakhr's Mobile S2S Arabic Translator enables live communication between English and Arabic speakers using mobile devices.

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