Case Studies

The following case studies outline the success stories of Abu Dhabi Educational Portal and Oman Ministry of Education Portal.

Oman MOE Portal

The challenge was to create a complete electronic portal (e-Portal), which covers the huge number of governmental schools in Oman. Sakhr has provided solutions to all related problems by automating all tasks and assigning roles to all parties to automatically perform their jobs. Falling under these tasks, were the calculation of examinations' marks, printing examinations' results, monitoring attendance, supervising warehouses, attendance and exchange of correspondences. This online portal has shortened the distance between all educational parties and gets transactions completed in a fast and simplified manner as it eliminates the unneeded procedures. Providing extended and flexible educational environment for innovated teaching and learning is also aimed to be achieved through distance learning, virtual classrooms and self learning skills practiced. The efficiency of educational planning and evaluation methodologies are considered to be improved using easy work flow of operational management efforts.


Sakhr has been our partner since 1996, and we continue to see Oman’s future get realized through the most ambitious e- initiative in the region. We are looking for more success stories with Sakhr in the upcoming phases.

Oman Education Portal


Abu Dhabi Educational Portal

GCC governments recognize investment in education as critical for future growth, and Abu Dhabi Education Zone (ADEZ) has been a leading proponent. Through a long-term strategic partnership, Sakhr customized its student information system that provides integrated applications to manage registration, attendance, scheduling, discipline, national testing, grading, teacher professional development, health information and communication portal for students, staff, parents and ADEZ administrators. This Arabic-English solution incorporates Sakhr’s core technologies including knowledge management, and optical character recognition. Deployed in Abu Dhabi, Sakhr’s education solution is helping ADEZ to improve school operations and student success.

Abu Dhabi Education Portal


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