Professional Services

Sakhr’s Professional Services organization includes business consultants, engineers, and language experts to deliver customized services and solutions. In the area of research services, Sakhr provides both advanced research services for joint R&D development and custom, research-based solutions for partners and customers. In the area of translation services, Sakhr offers the most cost-effective and highest quality professional translation services.

Research Services

Sakhr research services include:

  • Providing a specialized team of developers, speech engineers, linguists and other Arabic language experts to collaborate with partners to advance state of the art in machine translation (MT), optical character recognition (OCR), and handwriting OCR
  • Licensing core technology and corpora for OEM or white-labeling
  • Developing testing corpora and speech data collection

Translation & Localization Services

The Sakhr team provides a wide range of Arabic language experts, including translators, linguists, phonologists, developers, and call center operators. Sakhr translation services are made efficient by leveraging the industry’s largest knowledge base and toolset for Arabic natural language processing, gathered over several decades. Sakhr translation team deploy translation memory, industry glossaries and other language assets to increase quality and volume of localized content.

Companies like Follett International, Intel, Kaspersky Lab, Mitsubishi, Sony Gulf and US Department of State trust and rely on Sakhr’s translation and localization services and tools to enhance their global operations and communication needs.


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