Knowledge Management

Sakhr’s Knowledge Management solution suite called ArabDox enables classifying, organizing, indexing, storing and retrieving documents in Arabic, English and French. Tested in Intel labs, Sakhr’s Knowledge Management solutions successfully supported over 12,000 users and a repository of 10 million documents with full integration with a Microsoft environment. Governmental entities and organizations grappling with massive paper documents and archiving requirements rely on ArabDox to automate their processes, safeguard sensitive documents, and reduce paper waste. Selected customers include Arab Bank for Economic Development, Qatar Embassy in the US, and Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority.


  • Document management
  • Correspondence management
  • Record management
  • Workflow systems


  • Enables automatic management of paper and electronic documents in Arabic, English and French
  • Supports printing or e-mailing, retaining multiple versions and updates
  • Fully integrated with Sakhr OCR and search technology for Arabic
  • Integration with Microsoft productivity applications
  • Maintains business continuity and secured flow of information through clustering, replication and backup
  • Powerful SDK for enterprise integration


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